Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Tourism often brings awareness about the most ecstatic places around the world and leads to economic development of local population, but at the same time harms the environment too. The uncontrolled number of tourists visiting a place is spoiling the beauty of some of most cherishing places of the world. Here are some of the beautiful places that have lost their charm because of tourism.

Phi Phi Islands (Thailand)


This island has come under the intense pressure of uncontrolled tourism after becoming the backdrop for popular Hollywood film ‘The Beach’. Accoridng to ‘Tourism of Thailand’, around 1.4 million tourists visit here every year. The coral beaches have been destroyed by scuba divers and boat anchors. The marine environment is polluted by the motorboats and due to dumping of untreated waste into sea.

Cozumel Island (Mexico)


Cozumel Island is known for its tropical reefs and beautiful beaches. It was one of the most peaceful tourist places unless docks were constructed for cruise ships. It has now become the second most popular destination for cruise ships in the world. The fragile reefs are in threat by development and pollution. The ships are causing the water to get warm and are damaging the coral. Here are few hard to digest facts about Caribbean cruises:

  • The wider region is getting over 63,000 calls from the ships each year.
  • 82,000 tonnes of waste is generated each year.
  • A cruise ship carries 600 crew members and 1400 passengers.
  • Each passenger on cruise ship account 3.5Kg rubbish every day as compared to 0.8Kg by local inhabitant.

Bali (Indonesia)


Bali is under a continuous threat of increased deforestation as it is making way for Indonesian tourism culture and population. The tourism is growing at an exponential rate. The non-native plants and animals are also threatened.

Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)


Thousands of tourists are flocking to Galapagos Island every year to experience the unique biodiversity of this island and its pristine environment too. This Island has now been put in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. This island is very sensitive to tourism pressure and development. The environment is getting spoiled and number of plants and species are at risk.

Mount Everest (Nepal)


Since ever Edward Hillary & Tenzing Norway had made to the top of Mount Everest in year 1953, thousands of trekkers have made a trek to base camp and 7000 climbers had reached the summit. After the deadly avalanche of 2014 and then Nepal earthquake, the expeditions have started now again. The large number of population reaching here is causing a high stress on fragile environment. Climbers are leaving just everything they take with them during the trek. Around 11000 kilos of human excreta is removed every year from the mountain.

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