Mon. May 16th, 2022

Asthma is a disease which has troubled people for many years now. One of the largest causes of Asthma is the poor quality of air in the environment. New treatments for the disease keep coming and recently health experts claim that the salt room therapy can be highly beneficial for all those suffering from the respiratory disease.


As per the reports, the salt room therapy has been thoroughly tested in various parts of the world and has worked wonders for many people. The process is fully natural and can provide relief to all those patients who are suffering from any type of respiratory diseases. Due to the poor quality of air, people of all age groups stand a chance to be a victim of a respiratory disease. According to the doctors, salt room therapy can help them give relief through a natural way.

The salt room therapy works in a very simple way. At first, the patients are asked to rest and relax in a room which has its wall thickly lined by salt. After that, air is slowly blown into the room and the salt gets mixed with the air. This result in the salt mixing with the air and the patients slowly inhales it into their body.

These salt particles that the patients inhale help them remove all the debris and bacteria from the respiratory tract. Moreover, this process also helps in the reduction of bronchial inflammation. The best part about the process is it makes your immune system strong which in turn helps reduce the allergic reaction to pollen.

The whole process helps in widening the air passage and cleaning it. This then leads to a reduction in sudden asthmatic attacks. The founder of the salt room therapy says that this is a drug-free treatment of the serious disease and it will surely incline more people towards choosing it.

One thought on “Are you suffering from asthma? Salt room therapy could help”
  1. Asthma is brought on by chronic dehydration. The lungs are made up of 90% water. You lose around 1 qt of water vapor each day through respiration. Whenever you become dehydrated, a water management function kicks in and attempts to close off any areas that it determines is leaking, to ensure it can conserve water.

    The amount of water going to the lungs is reduced, thereby causing difficulty in respiration because of the water loss through breathing.

    As well as this, among the primary functions of salt in the body is always to break up mucus and congestion so it can be discarded. But when you're low on water, the salt can't arrive at the lungs. This is excatly why asthma involves a lot of mucus.

    You may find this link provide the necessary info:

    I hope to give something back and aid others like you aided me.

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