Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

The California-based TV Company, Vu Technologies launched a new luxurious range of ‘Premium Smart TV’ with the set of 4 TVs starting at an unbelievable price of Rs.20000.


The new TVs launched have varied sizes ranging from 32inches to 55inches. These TV sets come with built-in Wi-Fi, screen sharing facility, HDMI ports, Digital Live Network Alliance (DLNA), mobile high-definition link (MHL), and HDMI ports.

The CEO, Vu Technologies, Devita Saraf told reporters, “The curiosity to find how we can smarten up TV viewing has led to the development of ‘Premium Smart TV’ having Quad-core Internet Video processor and provided brilliant entertainment services.

These sets have built-in gaming center and even bring a good collection of unlimited movies, TV channels, Videos, and Cartoons. There is a shortcut button to connect to streaming services like YouTube, NetFlix, which allows the user to switch instantly to them.

This smart TV also includes on-demand video channels such as RedBull, Tedx, Kidoz, and Yupp TV. You can even connect to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

Out of the 4 models launched by Vu Technologies, the 32inches model is ‘High Definition’ which costs Rs.20000, while the other models of 40inches, 50inches, and 55inches are ‘Full HD’ models priced at Rs.30000, Rs 42000 and Rs.52000 respectively.

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