Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

With new projects and films, actor gets new applause but at times they are rounded up with whole lot of controversies. While some of the projects, are welcomed by controversies on their release, but surprisingly some of them get affected even before hitting the theatres. Such similar thing has happened, with Ajay Devgn’s upcoming movie “Shivaay”.


It is one of the biggest projects of the actor, which has run into legal problems and that over the film poster. It is really shocking, that the film trailer or teaser have not been released yet, but its poster was enough to attract movie into troubles from the legal side.

As per the reports, an advocate based in Delhi has filed a case against Ajay and also crew of the film for hurting religious sentiments of people belonging to Hindu community. As per the complainant the poster has, “Ajay Devgn climbing on Lord Shiva with his shoes on, and is also using an ice axe on the head of Shiva.” This has badly hurt the sentiments of Hindu community, especially the ones who are prime followers of Lord Shiva.

On the contrary, if you have a close look to the poster, you will see the actor hanging down with a rappelling rope and sickle in his hand. He seems all ready to have a fight with the icy monsters. The blue tinted poster was lately posted by the actor himself on Twitter, which gave a slight hint of the whole story line of this upcoming blockbuster.

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