Sat. Aug 20th, 2022

The last two films of Sanjay Leela Bhansali were period films. Both the movies featured actor Ranveer Kapoor and actress Deepika Padukone. There are rumors that he is going to repeat it in his next movie titled at ‘Padmavati’. The reports said that the director met Shahrukh Khan on this Sunday for a film. Some rumors were rolling out since few months that Raveer and Shahrukh will be seen together in a movie directed by Bhansali.


Padmavati will be having two protagonists – Sultan Allaudin Khilji and Raja Ratansen. So, it is very natural to assume that the movie will be starring SRK and Ranveer Singh. Few reports also suggested that Bhansali is working on two different scripts and SRK & Ranveer are going to be part of different movies.

‘Padmavati’ is going to be a heroine-centric movie and s being pitched as the anti-hero film. This willnot impress SRK. Though Bhansali met SRK on Sunday, but it was on discussion for other role in another movie of Bhansali. SRK has played anti-hero many a times from Baazigar to Don to Fan. So, why would he act in the movie where the lead is lady?

SRK has two films in his pocket. The first one is Aanand L Rai’s dwarf movie and another is Imtiaz Ali’s movie. Bhansali has announced the release date of ‘Padmavati’ next year and the shooring is going to start this year. SRK doesn’t have dates for it. So, SRK is not be the part of this movie most probably.

A source also added, “It will be Ranveer to do the role in the movie Padmavati”. For him, it will be new to play anti-hero and he will be excited for the movie. Besides this, he will also be happy to play a part in heroine-centric movie if Deepika will be the queen. And he also has dates as he has the only movie ‘Befikre’ in his pocket.

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