Wed. May 18th, 2022

Actor Rishi Kapoor was caught in a social media conflict with ruling leaders.

Rishi Kapoor impeccably expressed his deep regrets when BJP publically expressed their decision to rename Delhi’s Akbar Road as Maharana Pratap road. Years ago, government has already renamed Aurangzeb Road as A P J Abdul Kalam Road, says actor Rishi Kapoor. It seems that Kapoor II cannot accept the fact of renaming the capital city after Gandhi’s disciplines.


Last Tuesday, in an hour, Actor Rishi Kapoor uploaded seven tweets. Each of his tweets was re-tweeted thousands of time. No wonder the actor has more than 1 million followers. The tweets went viral in no time. Hence starts Rishi Kapoor’s social media controversy with ruling leaders.

In a tweet, the actor pointed out some notable names of airports which enlisted that only Delhi airport is named after Indira Gandhi Airport. All other airports of other cities are named after famous personalities of their states.

Even actor Anupam Kher is indulged in the controversy. It is an open secret that Anupam Kher vocally supports Modi Ji. Hence questions came out if Kapoor is headed further in this controversy by Actor Anupam Kher. But Anupam Kher clearly acclaimed that Rishi Kapoor is not a political person. Hence his personal comments shall not be taken as controversy factors among politicians.

According to Rishi Kapoor, the naming agenda is biased since the places are named only after Gandhi title. Personalities like J R D Tata, Lata Mangeshkar, and SunilGavaskar have also worked for the country and have represented the country in all possible means then why only Gandhi’s?

Supporting this explanation, Actor Rishi Kapoor later tweeted that film city must be named after personalities like Dev Anand, Amitabh Bachchan, Raj Kapoor but why Rajiv Gandhi Udyog?

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