Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Veerappan’, the upcoming movie directed by Ram Gopal Verma will showcase the biggest manhuts in Indian history. The movie is based on life of popular sandalwood smuggler. The movie narrates his story in words of those who were involved in his encounter.


RCV researched well and gathered enough material based on interviews with few dacoit-ex gang members and the people who acted as mediators between Veerappan and the government. RGV even got the details from the officers who were part of the operational team to nab Veerappan.

The movie is produced by Sachiin Joshi and he is also acting in the movie. A close source to this movie reveals that the thriller will have a plot where planning to kidnap Rajinikaanth will be done in the same way Veerappan planned to kidnap Rajkumar, the Kannada superstar. This information has been revealed by a bandit source.

RGV added, “From all the truth I was able to gather Veerappan story is just unbelievable. But the more unbelievable is drama behind the encounter of Veerappan.”

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