Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

The ATAP division of Google usually is involved in some of the high end projects like Ara and Jacquard. Lately another step in technology has been taken by Google I/O 2016. It would really change the way one can interact with their gadgets. The new project name Soli is an attempt to reduce physical interaction with gadgets, and all of this will be done with tiny radar chips which will be capable of detecting gestures.


First gadget which will be tried with these radar chips is Android wear smartwatch. In a demo, Google even showcased the way moving your hand close to the watch will wake up the screen. Even flicking your fingers will let the user scroll through different menu and message options. This new method of interacting with gadgets will undoubtedly bring in much more efficiency in comparison to the use of touchscreen.

These tiny radar chips are also proposed to be used in speakers. The JBL speaker when tested with tiny radar chips will show how bringing hands close to the speaker will wake it up. Even snapping fingers will play music and then snapping it again will stop the music. Moreover whenever user will move away, the speaker will automatically shut down.

Advanced technologies and project, also known as Google ATAP has been the brain behind such projects, out of which most of them are still under development phase. We are aware of the ongoing project of Ara modular phone which is expected to be in the market sometime in next year. Last year Google announced Jacquard along with Levi’s, wherein a fabric shall be created which will be touch sensitive and enable users to control features on their phone with clothes. Google has further confirmed that jacket with such features will be launched in the market soon.

Soli is currently in the development stage and company is expecting to complete it within next 12 months wherein a much sophisticated device capable of detecting gestures will be introduced in the market.

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