Downgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8 from Windows 10

Recently, Windows has come up with the plan to boost the number of Windows 10 users, and it made a strategic plan to do the same. Windows 10 comes with a free update for Windows 8 users and users can directly install Windows 10 on your personal computer or on a laptop. But, few of […]

Will Next Apple Inc’s iPhone Sales set a Record?

For most of the people in this world, September 28th will be just a Monday. This scenario will be totally different for the Cupertino giant, Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL). The company is being early waiting for the day – whether it will set up a new target or gives a bigger flop in terms of sales […]

In Additional Tax Following Audit, Coca-Cola needs to pay $3.3 Billion, says IRS

Recently, Coca-Cola (NASDAQ: KO) announced revenue reports, in that they have mentioned that, Coca-Cola might need to pay $3.3 billion as a tax payment in “additional federal income taxes”. The 169 billion dollar company revealed tax audit for the year 2007 to 2009, and then Internal Revenue Service claimed that the company need to pay around […]

Volkswagen intentionally violates clean air standards, U.S. EPA says

Volkswagen intentionally evaded clean air laws said the U.S Environmental Protection Agency on Friday. They further explained that Volkswagen had been using software that enabled emission of fewer smog causing pollutants during test conditions of about 500,000 cars. These would in fact be much higher in the real world driving conditions. The German automaker is […]

Windows 10 Is The Most Secure Windows Ever

If you are amongst those people who are still trying to figure out that why they should upgrade their operating system to windows 10, then the most recent promotion video of Windows 10 can provide you with a reason for the same. Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned for the promotion of its latest Windows […]

Next Model of Nexus Smartphone got its Name

After the release of Nexus 6, rumor mills started to flow in the internet about the features and qualities of the next Nexus phones which are expected to hit the markets soon. Amongst all this discussion, there is one thing which was never mentioned and that was the name of the new phone. However, sources close to […]

Android: Top 4 Applications for Watch TV for Free

If you’re looking for the ways to watch television in your Android devices for free, here is the list of best application that allows you to watch free TV directly from your mobile itself. Almost big broadcast companies in this world provide own Android applications for their users to watch all of their episodes for […]

Apple’s WatchOS 2 release got delayed due to Bug


Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL)  launched its Apple Watch with WatchOS, which allows the users to access various applications right away from the Apple Watch. The next major update for the WatchOS operating system is delayed, since it has many bugs present in it. Apple Inc. mentioned in a statement regarding the delay as, “We have […]

Facebook targets Twitter with New Tool, Signal to help People to Discover Contents


The Social Media giant, Facebook always secures a place in the news cycle all the time. Facebook is consistently making efforts in making their users to get the unique experience than other social media platforms. Now, Facebook released an all-new platform entitled “Signal”, which allows the journalists all round the globe, to discover social media contents […]