Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

Wednesday night, May 18, 2016 discovered the most expensive diamond ever. The world’s largest blue diamond, a rare gem, commonly known as ‘Oppenheimer blue diamond‘ was sold at Christie’s Geneva at $57.5 million, which till date has been a record auction of a diamond.

The 14.62 carat shinning blue diamond is considered as the most beautiful diamond ever appeared on an auction. A private collector won the auction and now is the owner of most beautiful and expensive diamond of the world.


The name Oppenheimer was given to the blue diamond after the name of its former owner Sir Philip Oppenheimer. Sir Phillips and his family is the owner of one of the leading diamond company De Beers.

According to Christie’s, only 0.001 % of all diamonds of the world are blue diamonds, out of which only few are classified as rare fancy clear blue diamond. Oppenheimer Blue diamond is one of those kinds which totally justify its heavy price tag.

Before Christie’s Geneva auction on Wednesday, the ‘blue moon of Josephine’ was known to be only 12.03 carat most expensive and most beautiful blue diamond ever known. Years ago, a Chinese Billionaire brought this diamond at $48.4 million for his 7 years old daughter, Josephine and hence the diamond was named forth.

Oppenheimer Blue diamond broke all records so far. It is a rectangular, heavy blue diamond, engulfed on a thick platinum ring. The bidding started at 20 million Swiss francs dollars. The auction ultimately ended after 20 minutes battle between two bidders which ended the hammer bang at $57.5 million. The identity of the new owner is not yet disclosed due to safety reasons but it is known that now the diamond belongs to some billionaire private collector.

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