Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

Michael Hussey, the very much part of IPL till the last season, is now seen in the commentary box, in the stadium. The 41-year old Hussey has a keen interest in cricket and can’t stay out of it. He has been offered the position for being Indian coach, but he has refused it many-a-times. Though, he has done little bit coaching with South African team before. During a short conversation he spoke about range of issues and also about brilliance of Virat Kohli.


You juggle between commentary and coaching assignments and look as fit as any of the present-day cricketers. Has Mr. Cricket truly retired?

It feels really awesome to be connected with the game. I will be playing in Caribbean Premier League and preparing well for it.

Do you miss playing in IPL?

Yes, I miss IPL. I love to be a part of team and work together on a common goal. You can build strong friendships in the dressing room.

In this IPL, we have seen a trend of teams chasing successfully and experienced players calling the shots.

I feel that this has taken out one uncertain variable from the match that is what a decent total is. When you are chasing, you know that what score you have to chase for winning the game. I think that the pitches have been designed nicely by the curators and they hardly change in the second innings. T20 games are high-pressure games and experience players can score consistently as they have learned to handle high pressure before.

As a coach, you have worked with Steve Smith and AB de Villiers. Share with us your experience of working with them.

I love watching them. The only difference I noticed is that Steve loves to bat & bat & bat on nets while AB prefers to do skill preparation and makes sure that he is mentally and physically fit. But yes, no one can bat like AB.

Besides these two, it’s Virat Kohli who’s grabbing all the attention. Your take?

He has evolved as a great player. These three players are at a stage now that they know what their game is and how they have to play and they stick to it as it has given them huge success over the time.

After Kohli played a match-winning knock against Australia in the World T20, comparisons are being made between him and Sachin Tendulkar.

That was an awesome innings and sometimes like when Tendulkar used to play, you just have say that you were beaten up by the better man on the day. Sachin’s greatest strength was longetivity. If Kohli stays fit for long, he is well on his way to emulate Sachin as a player.

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