Sun. Jun 26th, 2022
Intex Launches Turbo Selfie+ and Ultra 4000i Feature Phones

Intex, the domestic smartphone company, has launched its new phones. Well known for launching affordable smartphones and contributing in making the country a digitalized one, the company has this time not launched any smartphones. Instead, it has launched feature phones. Keeping the choice of Indian population in mind, the company launched its Turbo Selfie+ and Ultra 4000i feature phones. Let us see the specs of these feature phones.

Intex Launches Turbo Selfie+ and Ultra 4000i Feature Phones

The company claims that the new handsets have a durable battery life and right value. The Turbo Selfie+ features a 2.4-inch screen. It also has a 240 x 320 resolution. While the Ultra 4000i features a 2.8-inch screen and also has the same 240 x 320 resolution.

Both the phones have the SIM functionality as well as GPRS, Bluetooth, and FM Radio. The Turbo Selfie+ has 1,450mAh battery while the Ultra 4000i has a massive 4,000mAh battery. The Turbo Selfie+ has a VGA rear and front camera with support of an LED flash. Same is the case with the Ultra 4000i.

The Turbo Selfie+ is capable to store almost 2000 contacts and 200 SMSs. The phone is also capable to offer a handset numeric lock, screen saver, and smart divert. When it comes to Ultra 4000i, the phone can store 1000 contacts and 200 SMS.

Lastly, the price of both the feature phones is affordable. The Turbo Selfie+ is priced for Rs 1,490 while the Ultra 4000i has a price tag of Rs 1,790.

So if you want to buy a feature phone, then the Turbo Selfie+ and Ultra 4000i are not bad options.

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