Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

The bilateral agreement signed between India and Iran will include a setup of an aluminum plant and laying a railway line that will be providing access to India to Central Asia and Afghanistan.

The Chabahar port will give India access to central Asian & European countries bypassing Pakistan combating with terror and radicalism. India will be investing $500 million (near about 3326.7crore). A trilateral agreement has also been signed between India, Afghanistan, and Iran, which PM Modi said can alter the course of history.


The Indian-Iran ties with be strong after this agreement and will cover diverse field like economy, port development, transportation, science, culture, and much more.

Both the countries showed their deep concern about the terrorism in this region and so Chabahar port agreement was signed between them after the consultations of National Security Council and other concerned body on terrorism.

This was the first occasion after 15 years that any Indian PM has visited Iran. Last time in 2001, Atal Bihari Vajpayee visited Iran.

In a joint media interaction with the Iranian President Rouhani, Modi confirmed that India will be investing $500 million in development of Chabahar port. This port is located in Sistan-Balochistan province on Persian Gulf and now could be easily accessible from India’s western coastline.

This effort will definitely boost the economic growth of Iran. Each of the three countries involved in trilateral agreement will name the follow-up minister for the work that needs to be done.

Rouhani and Modi further discussed many issues related to terrorism, political issues, economical downfall and also planned solutions for them. Most of the discussion between the two has not been revealed. But yes, India has got two new friends- Afghanistan and Iran after the bilateral and trilateral agreements.

One thought on “India investing $500 Million in Chabahar Port development to open trade to Central Asia, Europe Bypassing Pakistan”
  1. As-Salamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu!

    Alhamdulillah! Indeed, the HolyOne is most Gracious and most Merciful that he brought together three great leaders of three different nations together to take care of his entire creation by bestowing upon them and their countries his noor of blessings for unity, peace, harmony, progress and prosperity. This is a moment in deed for the whole universe to witness!

    My happiness, watching the three great leaders of three different nations, was like eating juicy Baklava for the first time. Insha Allah, hope these cordial gestures mitigate fear in common masses and pave way in future for more collaboration on industrial projects, internet systems, tourism, transportation systems (bus, train, inland waterways etc.) that open up not only Iran and Afghanistan, Insha Allah, but also other neighboring nations similar to European Union.

    Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim! Let us all pray together and wish our Indian Muslim brothers are connected to brothers in all OIC nations with India being accepted as a member of OIC(Organization of Islamic Cooperation)

    Most of times, negotiations are dealt as give and take relationships (Trade relationships). This is true especially between two countries incompatible in some discriminatory ideologies like politics, religion, race, culture etc. Not just OIL trade, I pray to Almighty and wish all three nations encourage modern industries and technologies in all fields including agriculture (which includes fisheries). If Iran picks up lead in modern Industries (electronic/mechanical/Biotech/Robotics/Medical/metals/Garments etc.) like Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Singapore or like other West European nations, I am sure Indians would love to travel there and work like they do in Singapore, SK, Europe, Malaysia or other Middle-Eastern countries. (For instance, in some Middle-East(even those torn by wars), South-East Asian & European countries smaller in size than Iran, there are more number of high-tech Indian citizens (even engineers) working for their progress than Iran….then why not Iran?) Hence I wish all three nations encourage modern industries and technologies.

    My comment is from my own experience and research. I wish I too get paid well and the rule-of-law, my lifestyle and benefits living in India, Iran or Afghanistan are also like those in developed nations of the world (unemployment benefits, disability benefits, senior citizen benefits or many other social benefits like in Switzerland, USA and other developed nations). Though I am a jobless-abused-familyless-helpless disabled man, SubhanAllah, I’m able to watch this encouraging program from few thousand miles away in a different time-zone and write this comment because I have a high-speed internet connection though I do not have an expensive TV connection. Indeed, I tell you the truth, every single wholehearted efforts & learnings (not just by heart learnings) by every leader (every student, everybody including yourself) ultimately saves lives across India (world) even if our learnings cannot save our own lives or help us survive… Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un!

    I apologize for saying anything inconvenient. Majority of people in the world reason though they may be afraid to express themselves in public. The modern world) is faced with many grave challenges like poverty, malnutrition, pollution, corruption, dirty politics, extortions, suicides, parasitic economies, prostitutes/concubines and their cuckolding, religiously-enforced-no-choice pregnancies, teen-marriages/pregnancies, divorces, gender inequalities(including LGBT), misguided proselytizations/religious terrorism, adverse climate changes and Global warming. Let us all humbly meditate and introspect

    “Do we, even now in 21st century, fight amongst ourselves and try tearing Mother Earth apart or we now vow to stitch a new garment of Peace for her?”

    Please kindly forgive me if I said anything incorrect and wrong or hurt anyone’s feelings! I am open to criticisms, corrections and feedback. Also due to time constraints, please kindly forgive my Indlish mistakes too! I will correct my Indlish mistakes as time permits!

    Jazakum Allahu Khair!
    Khoda Hafiz!

    Satyameva Jayathe,
    Kal Gandikota
    Note: I am not paid to comment and not seeking favors. I made this comment so I get replies from fellow viewers to educate myself. I am not affiliated with any political party, religion, media, NGO, Government institution, business, nationality etc. Hence if anyone uses this comment for making their decisions, I am not responsible for any failures incurred. Before my comment disappears, copy To whom it may concern!

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