Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

The hopes of suffering people are never satisfied. Action, self-reliance, self-vision are the means by which we see the oppressed. This makes us realize the light of their freedom. Memorial Day reminds us of the great sacrifice made by men and women of army for defending our lives. Memorial Day 2016 is not only about honoring the veterans who lost their lives but also those who had fortune to return home.


When it comes to our home, it is our responsibility to protect. Be prepared to make sacrifices for peace, as this is the most important thing in our lives. Here you can find great collection of greetings and cards for Memorial Day that can be used for sharing it via social media with your friends and family members. Happy Memorial Day 2016.

To be a hero, a gem of innocence should be able to distinguish between right and wrong. Memorial day messages can help you to enjoy triumph in the end. On Memorial day 2015, we honored all the soldiers in a joyous, thankful and triumph commemoration. This day is to respect contributes made by the soldiers and wishing them Happy Memorial day 2015.









Memorial Day is a day for remembering the nation’s military that died while serving their country. They sacrifice their lives to make life of others good. It is important to know when Memorial Day is so make sure to enjoy yourself. This day is to remember that your happiness does not come free of cost and someone else pays its price.

Memorial week is especially dedicated to all the soldiers who are remembered with smile. Tell each other to find joy in our memories and capture smiles through tears because our loved ones are above all. Celebrate this memorial week 2016 to remember all the heroes who died for our liberty. Happy Memorials Day 2016.

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