Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

The national carrier EgyptAir said on this Thursday, “A flight from Paris to Cairo had been disappeared from the radar before entering the Egyptian airspace.”

An official from EGYPTAIR said, “The Flight no MS804 departed from the capital of France – Paris at 23.09 (CEST Time) and disappeared from the radar range while heading towards Cairo. “ This was confirmed on the Twitter account of the EGYPTAIR Airlines.


CNN confirmed that the plane had around 59 passengers with 10 crew members in it. A tweet made by EgyptAir later on said, “The plan was traveling at the altitude of 11,280 meters (37000 feet), disappeared about 130 Km (80 miles) before entering the Egyptian Airspace.

According to a popular website, the plane was the Airbus (Airbus A320) and the last known position of this plane was above the Mediterranean Sea. No one knows that where the plane has gone.

Will it have to suffer the same fate as suffered by Malaysian flight a year before? Or the plane has crashed in Mediterranean Sea? The search is on. We hope to find the plane soon.

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