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Acquisition of UK-based Penlon Ltd by BPL Medical Technologies

A leading Indian medical devices company ‘BPL Medical Technologies’ is announced that acquires UK-based Penlon ltd, which is major manufacturer of anesthesia systems and vaporizers with worldwide distribution networks. Penlon is internationally recognized company in critical care section and well known all over world. BPL Medical Technologies said in a statement, purpose of acquisition to increase BPL and distribution in other ...

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New Direct Digital Broadcast Range Launched by Videocon


New range of full-HD LED TVs has launched by Videocon based on Liquid Luminous Technology. It’s advanced technology with new features; it can reproduce 95 percent of the colors that human eyes can recognize. This technology is better than traditional LED TVs. Also it serves cutting edge diffusion film, which helps in smooth transition from one scene to the other ...

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Twitter Becomes Breaking News Source on Web

Twitter Becomes News Source

Among all social networking platforms, micro-blogging website Twitter is that the prime supply for users once it involves breaking news, a replacement on-line survey of quite four,700 social media users has unconcealed. Famous blogging website twitter has being become as breaking new source for the news readers and news articles writers now a days. In a survey, nearly nine out ...

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