Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

The Apple CEO Tim Cook landed in Delhi for his visit on Tuesday; he seems to have a busy schedule with his visits planned at Gurgaon, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai. The CEO has planned his visit when the company has faced a slower growth for his premium products i.e. iPhone, iPad and MAC.


It is expected that Cook is going to meet the PM Narendra Modi on Saturday. The duo met at Silicon Valley event in US where they both had discussed the manufacturing plans under the “Make in India” plan.

He in Delhi and shall be greeting his employees based at Apple Corporate office located at One Horizon Center in Gurgaon. Further to this, he shall move to visit the iZen store based at Green Park and also the iWorld Store located in Ambience mall.

There is also news from officials in Hyderabad, according to whom Apple will be launching its development center on Thursday. The operations shall be commenced on the space owned by Tishman Speyer. However, there is still no confirmation if Apple CEO shall be a part of the inauguration or not.

This time around Telangana IT minister also tweeted “There is going to be big news which shall be shared day after tomorrow. Suspense shall be maintained till then.”

The company expects to expand its facility by approx. 2.5 lakhs square feet which shall be accommodating 2500 employees.

Time Cook is even expected to meet the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, who is striving hard to attract big investments for his state from all over the world.

After Cook visit in India, he has plans to visit to China wherein company has announced USD 1 billion investments in the local ride hailing app DidiChuxing.

Well, the trip of Cook signifies that how significant Indian market has become for Apple. Vishal Tripathi regional director at Global market technology told IANS that “Cook is here in India to announce the technology for the future.”

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