Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

Virtual reality is an emerging technology and one of the most high end technologies in coming future. A steady evolution of this technology is going on and big tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft and Google are investing on it.

Google Cardboard is one of the most popular VR platforms launched in 2014. And now with its Tilt Brush application, the company is taking it up a step ahead.


The artists can create appealing 3D paintings using this Tilt brush in the virtual space. All one require is Tilt Brush App and HTC Vive VR Headset.

If you are looking for some more details on Google Tilt Brush then you should look ahead to five stunning things you should know about this app.

Dynamic Brushes

Tilt Brush comes with a range of Dynamic Brushes and these brushes make it possible to paint just everything from snow to stars in the virtual 3d space. You can paint the color of your choice through its handy color picker. A number of design strokes like Thick Paint, Hypercolor, and Rainbow are also included.

Simple Interface

Google’s Tilt Brush interface is intuitive and user friendly despite of its complications. The features are listed in a hierarchal menu and you can easily find the common options like ‘Color Picker’ and ‘Undo’. You can even capture a snapshot using its Snapshot tool and move it along the virtual space.

Walk through your Creations

Tilt Brush lets you to walk through your creations over the 3D virtual space. You can visualize the colors, virtual strokes and everything else around you in the virtual space.

Easy Sharing

You can share your 3d designed masterpieces with others too. This application comes with a number of handy options that allows you to share the 3D design created by you with others. The full room VR design or the small VR GIF both can be shared easily.

Only for Steam & HTC Vive Users

You need to have HTC Vive VR headset and your headset must have a configured steam account ready. This is because the application is only available for Steam Software distribution. It will might be available for other VR headsets soon.



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