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Global warming reshapes the bodies of bumblebees, research says

Carbon footprints and adaption are having noticeable effects, in case of bumblebees. This is in case of Rocky Mountain species of bumblebees, their tongues shrivel up with the pace of time. This sets the best example of Charles Darwin’s theory of survival of fittest as mentioned in “On The Origin of Species”. He quoted that the species which are most ...

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Enamel has its origin in fish scales, Study says

Origins of life were from water. We all know well that the strongest tissue of the body is tooth enamel. Moving forward, tooth enamel has its ancestry from the scales of fish. It’s surprising right? Well, let’s discuss in detail how scientist made this observation. Scientist at the Sweden’s Uppsala University noted that the ancestry of fish had enamels on ...

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We always carry a cloud of bacteria, according to PeerJ

Bacteria are ubiquitously present in humans. Yes, that’s true. While you shout, cry, sneeze, sleep microbes’ surrounds you. Beware of these tiny creatures, they may serve as friend or foe. As a friend, microbe improves the immunity of the body, metabolism, treating various diseases and has many industrial applications. With the industrial applications of probiotic drinks like Yakult, microbes have ...

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