Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal Offering Best Discounts up to 80 to 90%

Flipcart’s Big Billion Day

The on-line shopping websites are ready against one another for the mega sale from Oct 13 to Oct 17. Snapdeal’s Diwali sale is presenting an incredible range on offers on electronics particularly Smartphone’s. there’s a banging discount on iPhones too! ’Electronics Monday’ on the online shopping website could be a part of its Diwali deal and encompasses a list of ...

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Acquisition of UK-based Penlon Ltd by BPL Medical Technologies

A leading Indian medical devices company ‘BPL Medical Technologies’ is announced that acquires UK-based Penlon ltd, which is major manufacturer of anesthesia systems and vaporizers with worldwide distribution networks. Penlon is internationally recognized company in critical care section and well known all over world. BPL Medical Technologies said in a statement, purpose of acquisition to increase BPL and distribution in other ...

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New Direct Digital Broadcast Range Launched by Videocon


New range of full-HD LED TVs has launched by Videocon based on Liquid Luminous Technology. It’s advanced technology with new features; it can reproduce 95 percent of the colors that human eyes can recognize. This technology is better than traditional LED TVs. Also it serves cutting edge diffusion film, which helps in smooth transition from one scene to the other ...

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Twitter Becomes Breaking News Source on Web

Twitter Becomes News Source

Among all social networking platforms, micro-blogging website Twitter is that the prime supply for users once it involves breaking news, a replacement on-line survey of quite four,700 social media users has unconcealed. Famous blogging website twitter has being become as breaking new source for the news readers and news articles writers now a days. In a survey, nearly nine out ...

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Facebook Moments Updated with Video Making Tools

Facebook Moments

Facebook has simply discharged associate degree update to its Moments app, delivery it up to version 2.0. This is often the primary major revision to the app. The current version includes simply a little range of latest options, however additionally marks the applications unleash outside of the U.S. Contained within the update you’ll realize a replacement thanks to produce moments ...

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Study reveals how blue whales get big despite eating small

In a study of blue whales off California’s coast, scientists found that they favor krill only when their counts are high, and choosing to conserve their oxygen for future dives when krill counts are low. The feeding technique of the largest animal that has ever lived has so far remained a secret. Blue whales dive into the depths of the ...

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NASA releases new maps of Ceres; bright spots mystery solved?

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft team released new maps of dwarf planet Ceres that was beamed back to earth recently. The space agency thinks that it may have solved the mystery of the bright spots reflecting back from the surface of the largest object in the asteroid belt. During the European Planetary Science Conference in France, researchers announced that Ceres continued to ...

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Study finds partner phubbing could ruin relationships

When one partner is more interested in phone notifications than the people around them, it could lead to strained relationships. A new term “phubbing’ is used for snubbing your partner with an overindulging use of smartphone. Researchers from Baylor’s University’s Hankamer School of Business have proved that excessive use of smartphones is damaging relationships, and leading to depression. In two separate ...

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AT&T: Sprint and T-Mobile defies FCC rules by launching Wi-Fi calling

In a letter to the Federal Communications Commission, AT&T accused Sprint and T-Mobile of offering wifi calling on mobile without approval from the agency for teletypewriters (TTY). People with hearing and speech disabilities use TTY to transmit phone calls for 911 and emergencies. AT&T noted that Sprint and T-Mobile have been offering wifi calling services over a year for Android ...

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Late bedtimes could cause weight gain in teens, study finds

A new study published in the journal Sleep has found that there is correlation between sleep and body mass index in teens and adults, who sleep late during the workweek. The study has found that teens who sleep late have a higher chance of gaining weight than their peers who sleep on time. Over the course of 15 years, researchers ...

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