Health Expert Warns Breathing Microplastics In Modern Life

According to the leading environmental health experts, we are breathing microparticles of plastic but unknown consequences our health effects. Microplastics are proved to damage the life in the oceans such as marine creatures. These Microplastics are mistakenly consumed by humans while eating the seafood. Frank Kelly, Professor of environmental health in King’s College London states that they are investigating the ...

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Rajinikanth would have been Kidnapped by Veerappan: RGV


‘Veerappan’, the upcoming movie directed by Ram Gopal Verma will showcase the biggest manhuts in Indian history. The movie is based on life of popular sandalwood smuggler. The movie narrates his story in words of those who were involved in his encounter. RCV researched well and gathered enough material based on interviews with few dacoit-ex gang members and the people ...

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Global Health Emergency – Yellow Fever Epidemic

Recently, there is evidence about the Outbreak of Yellow Fever becoming latest global health emergency. Georgetown University professors state that this Yellow fever epidemic is one of the most important emergency that is spreading all over the world. The Professors also calls the World Health Organization for convening the emergency committee of International Health Regulations. Yellow fever epidemic is also ...

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COAI Requests to TRAI to Review its Decision on Differential Pricing of Data on Closed Networks


COAI (Cellular Operators Association of India) has requested TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) to review its orders again on prohibiting the differential pricing of mobile data based on the content and allow the companies to set the price of content irrespective of services offered within or outside their networks. The Director General of COAI, Rajan S Mathews wrote a ...

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5 Phenomenal Things you must know about Google Tilt Brush


Virtual reality is an emerging technology and one of the most high end technologies in coming future. A steady evolution of this technology is going on and big tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft and Google are investing on it. Google Cardboard is one of the most popular VR platforms launched in 2014. And now with its Tilt Brush application, the ...

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Asus to delight with new ZenFone 3 Series in Mid-Range Segment in June


Asus is expected to declare the third generation of its ZenFone smartphone on May 31 at Computex 2016 event. Jerry Shen, ASUS CEO has even shared few details about Asus ZenFone 3 smartphone saying that the phone will be launched in the month of June targeting mid-range segment. Jerry even said, “This year about 90percent of ZenFone 3 smartphones will ...

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