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Global Drill Bits Market Outlook by 2014 Industry Productions, Pricing, Statistics & Gross Revenue

Drill Bits Market

Drill bits machine are cutting tools used to remove material to create holes, always of circular cross-section. A drill bit is a tool designed to create a cylindrical hole in the earth’s crust by the rotary drilling machine method for the extraction of hydrocarbons such as natural gas, petroleum, and crude oil. Drill bits are mainly classified into two types ...

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Smart Transformers Market: Positive Long-Term Growth Outlook 2014 – 2020

Smart Transformers Market

The smart transformer is also known as solid state transformer. Smart transformer controls power distribution networks. It makes possible the conversion of AC to DC and DC to AC, as per requirement. Smart transformer (ST) provides the exact amount of power that is needed and responds instantly to fluctuations within the power grid, acting as a voltage regulator to ensure that the ...

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Liquefied Petroleum Gas Market Headed for Growth and Global Expansion by 2014 – 2020

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Market

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a combustible mix of hydrocarbon gasses. LPG is directed as fuel in heating appliances, vehicles, aerosol propellant, refrigerant and cooking equipment, etc. LPG is also referred as propane or butane. LPG offers several benefits such as low cost, low carbon emission, and other operational benefits. LPG can be employed as a feedstock in petrochemical and refinery ...

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Petroleum Coke Market: Key Players, Growth, Analysis by 2020

Petroleum Coke Market

Petroleum coke is valuable consumer products derived from oil refining process. Petroleum coke is also known as pet coke. The crude oil residue further refined by a process known as cooking to produce pet coke. Petroleum coke has highest carbon purity and is used in energy and in the aluminum, graphite electrode, steel, titanium dioxide and other carbon consuming industries. ...

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Global Biofuels Market: Expected to Provide Suitable Growth by 2020

Biofuels Market

Biofuel is a hydrocarbon that has been derived from agricultural biomass, plant and animal waste or from metabolic by-products. Biofuel is mainly available in two types such as bioethanol and biodiesel, which are primarily used in automotive, marine and railway. Bioethanol is used as a replacement for petrol and biodiesel is used as a replacement for diesel. Use of biofuel ...

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Global Concentrated Solar Power Market: Estimates and Forecasts by 2020

Concentrated Solar Power Market

Concentrated solar power (CSP) is also called as concentrated solar thermal. Solar energy can be used to create electricity in two separate ways. First is solar concentrators and the second is photovoltaic systems. Concentrated solar power is a technology that generates electricity by concentrating solar energy on the main point. It is used to focus sunlight. The concentrated solar power ...

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Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) Antibodies Market Growth, Trends and Forecast 2015 – 2021

Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) Antibodies Market

EGFR is the primary receptor recognized in a group of receptors and is a cell surface protein that binds to epidermal growth factor. EGFR is a cell membrane growth factor receptor characterized by tyrosine kinase receptor which plays very important role in the control of key cellular transduction pathways in both normal and cancerous cells.EGFR is the first molecular target ...

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Bispecific Antibodies Market: Positive Long-Term Growth Outlook 2015 – 2021

Bispecific Antibodies Market

Bispecific antibodies are one of the fastest developing markets in the field of immune response therapeutics, medications, and biologics. Bispecific antibodies are a combination of two antibodies which address distinctive antigens. Bispecific antibodies can recognize a single antigen target also they can identify two different targets at the same time. In recent years, antibody therapy has become a new treatment ...

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Genetically Modified Organisms Market: Current Trends, Opportunities, Challenges & Global Industry Analysis By 2021

Genetically Modified Organisms Market

Genetic engineering is the science of cloning or manipulating DNAs or genes to create new characteristic in the organism or produce protein or hormone. Genetic engineering is mostly used for generating recombinant DNA and is done by inserting desired trait gene or by deletion or mutating gene in cell or virus known as a vector. Genetically engineered plants, animals or ...

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