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Microsoft cuts 1850 jobs in its smartphone unit


It is no news that Microsoft’s phone division is struggling, even after acquiring the famous Nokia two years back. This time, the company has decided to cut around 1850 jobs in its smartphone division. Recently, Nokia sold its feature phone division to tech giant Foxconn for $350 mn so it can be assumed that they are going on a downward ...

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You must know the alarming facts about chemical threads

When you see thousands of chemicals to be potentially exposed toxic chemicals from the day that you are conceived you can die even. From that you can get some good news based on grim pictures. Based on that report of PCP, some simple and effective steps to need their significant to reduce their exposure about the synthetic chemicals and also ...

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Several industries require chemical services for manufacturing purpose

Today the substance business changes over crude materials into more than 70,000 distinct items. Despite the fact that chemicals were fabricated and utilized all through the history, new chemicals are being figured with the rundown of requests in the business. Key to the world economy, the synthetic commercial enterprises over the globe are confronting an arrangement of rising industry inclines ...

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Reasons Of Successful Key Steps Behind Every Business Among People

Successful Key Steps Behind Every Business

The evolution of business getting over with the designing the application newly by using the latest technology. There are many companies linked with the application designing process because it is reaching with more benefits. This design of application starting the business to kick the activities. On all the sides, it is reaching with more profits, especially with the game applications. ...

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Japanese Manufacturer Murata Invent Heat-Resistant Capacitor For Autos

Murata Manufacturing

Japanese manufacturer of electronic components Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd has invented a capacitor which is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 200 C, opening the door to more compact automobile electronics systems. Ceramic capacitors, which store electricity and regulate its flow, are a mainstay for the Japanese parts maker. A vehicle apparently contains around 3,000 such components. Previous capacitors intended ...

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Wipro Appointed Abid Ali Neemuchwala as CEO


India’s third largest IT outsourcer, Wipro Ltd has appointed Abid Ali Neemuchwala as CEO and member of the board. He put back TK Kurien who has been appointed as executive vice chairman. Both these appointments are effective from the month of February. The company permitted to Kurien to remain a member of the board till March 31, 2017. As executive ...

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Driverless Car: Seoul Campus Offers Glimpse of Future

SnuUber Driverless Car

A South Korean university is researching on sedan that can pick up and transport passengers without a driver, offering a glimpse into the future of autonomous public transport. The university is testing the driverless taxi to transport handicapped students around campus said by Seo Seung-Woo, director of the Intelligent Vehicle IT Research Center at Seoul National University Snuber has been ...

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Uber Raids It Business in 4 New Cities in India

Global taxi hailing app Uber these days declared its access into four new cities across India. The San Francisco-based on-line platform for cab booking has doubled its footprint within the Indian market over the last 12-18 months and is recently present in concerning twenty six cities. The recent additions are Ajmer, Jodhpur, Mangalore and Udaipur. The launch within the 3 ...

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AT&T: Sprint and T-Mobile defies FCC rules by launching Wi-Fi calling

In a letter to the Federal Communications Commission, AT&T accused Sprint and T-Mobile of offering wifi calling on mobile without approval from the agency for teletypewriters (TTY). People with hearing and speech disabilities use TTY to transmit phone calls for 911 and emergencies. AT&T noted that Sprint and T-Mobile have been offering wifi calling services over a year for Android ...

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YouTube is Preparing to announce ad-free subscriptions

After 10 years of free service, now YouTube is planning to initiate premium services for the paid users. By using the premium service, users will be free from the annoying advertisement, while playing the video in YouTube.  The long-awaited subscription service from the YouTube will be released very soon. YouTube has sent emails to the content creators to accept “terms ...

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