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Vicky is a digital marketing executive who specializes in technology. He combines his experience in forthcoming technology research. His intension is to create updated website with all modern technology, and modern devices.

Self-driving Uber cars to carry passengers soon in Pittsburgh

In a few weeks from now, Uber will start using self-driving cars to carry passengers in Pittsburgh. The ride-hailing company said Thursday that customers will be able to opt into the test program, which will use autonomous Ford Fusions summoned by the touch of a smartphone. Although other companies are testing self-driving cars on public roads, this is the first ...

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Self-driving buses are roaming the streets of Helsinki

Two self-driving minibuses began plying the roads of Helsinki this week in real traffic. These small electric buses are developed by a French company EasyMile and can transport up to nine passengers. They are able to travel at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour, although they are restricted to seven miles per hour during their trial period. The ...

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Delta introduces world’s first all-suite business class with Delta One suite

Delta Air Lines is redefining international business class travel with the introduction of the Delta One suite, the first business class cabin to feature a sliding door at each suite. Designed with an emphasis on exceptional customer comfort and privacy, the Delta One suite offers each customer a private space accessed by a sliding door with thoughtfully designed personal stowage ...

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The world’s worst performing currency right now is Mongolia’s

Mongolia’s currency is on its longest losing streak on record as the government grapples to contain an economic crisis. Back in 2011, a mining boom helped make it the world’s fastest-growing economy with a gross domestic product of around 17.5%. It’s been a rapid descent from grace for the central Asian nation, which neighbors China and Russia. The landlocked country ...

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A game that takes 584 billion years to explore

“No Man’s Sky”, a video games launched in US recently, is built using a technique known as “procedural generation” essentially an algorithm that creates the game’s world as a player moves through it. Traditionally a game studio would have to draw intricate designs in order to create a fixed number of virtual worlds, a labor-intensive process that could take hundreds ...

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Climate change constitute threat for primates

Toronto: Climate change constitute a huge threat to the survival of the primate populations, which includes lemurs, monkeys and apes especially in southeastern Brazil, Central America, Amazon as well as portions of East and Southeast Asia, says a study. Lead author Tanya Graham from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada said, our research shows threat constitute to primates due to emerging ...

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Ukraine refuses the statement to endeavor armed attack of Crimea

Kiev: Ukraine has starved of a statement by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) to attempting terror attack on the peninsula. “The FSB’s statement does not correspond to reality,” the Ukrainian Defence Ministry said on Wednesday. The ministry has described the FSB’s statement as an “attempt by Russia to validate the relocation of its military units” in Crimea. In early ...

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International religious freedom report of the US will released

Washington: State Department spokesperson has said, on Wednesday the US’ annual official report on international religious freedom will be released. The status of the religious freedom will describe in the Congressional-mandated report for year 2015. This is first time when State Department would be commenting on the status of religious freedom in India a first full year under the Modi ...

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Ex-Guantanamo prisoner take in custody by Venezuela’s intelligence agency

.CARACAS: A lawyer familiar with Guantanamo case said on Tuesday, Intelligence agency of the Venezuela under arrest a former Guantanamo prisoner, who relocate to Uruguay nearly two years ago. He was travelling to Caracas to reunite with family. According to California-based lawyer Jon Eisenberg, Jihad Diyab was in custody for 12 years in Guantanamo without being charged and was released ...

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