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Vicky is a digital marketing executive who specializes in technology. He combines his experience in forthcoming technology research. His intension is to create updated website with all modern technology, and modern devices.

India: Pakistan is deteriorated state should answer on booming terrorism

NEW YORK: On Tuesday, India told to Pakistan that Kashmir is a part of India it’s clear and Pakistan should stop to shelter terrorism, calling as deteriorated state who violating their own people and advocate about tolerance, democracy and human rights. India also question to Pakistan about growing terror in the same soil and instead of spending billions of dollars ...

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GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has appointed Emma Walmsley as new CEO

Global pharma and healthcare firm GSK today announced an appointment of Emma Walmsley as CEO-designate of the company. Walmsley, currently CEO of GSK’s Consumer Healthcare division, will succeed Andrew Witty when he retires on March 21, 2017, said a statement. She will join the GSK board from January 1 next year, it added. Prior to this, Walmsley was President of ...

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Apple admits iPhone 7 has a problem

The most talked about feature of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is an absence of headphone jack. During launch, Apple  claimed the omission took “courage” and shared its dream of having more advanced technological future. However, users are facing problems using the earpods as they are not smooth and unable to control volume. The good news is ...

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China merger to create world’s second largest steel firm

Two of China’s largest steel companies have made announcement of a merger which will lead to create the world’s second largest steelmaker. According to the agreement, Baosteel is to take over its smaller competitor Wuhan Iron and Steel. Both companies are majorly owned by the state. This deal will create a new company named China Baowu Iron and Steel Group. ...

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Rodrigo Duterte, Philippine President used obscenity filled outburst against the European Union

Manila: Rodrigo Duterte, Philippine President has used obscenity -filled outburst against the European Union in his recent reply to international disapproval for raising death toll in his vicious attack on crime. Duterte has used a rude sign showing insult, after the European Parliament destined “the current wave of extrajudicial enactment and killings in the Philippines”. He said they will get ...

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Amazon launches its AI-powered speaker Echo in Europe

Amazon launched its voice-controlled speaker, Echo, in the U.K. and Germany on Tuesday, 2 years after launching in US. Echo is powered by Alexa, Amazon’s digital personal assistant, which is similar to Apple’s Siri or Google Now. Echo is available in the U.K. for £149.99 and in Germany for 179.99 euros). Users can ask Echo questions, use it to control ...

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Google-backed blockchain start-up ‘Ripple’ raises $55 million from big banks

Ripple, a Google-backed start-up that uses blockchain technology to settle financial transactions between some of the world’s biggest banks, has raised $55 million. It is currently working with 15 of the top 50 global banks including UBS and Santander. To date, the company has raised over $93 million in total funding. At the moment, an international payment may take a ...

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The Guardian announces 30% staff cut at U.S. operation

The Guardian is about to make major cuts to its U.S. operation, reducing staff by 30%, leaders announced in a meeting. Around 50 jobs will be cut out across different departments. The cuts will be a combination of buyouts and layoffs. In 2011 it opened in US branch which later in 2014 received Pulitzer for breaking Edward Snowden’s leaks about ...

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Zimbabwe will print its own version of the U.S. dollar

After the hyperinflation caused in 2009, Zimbabwe lost the vale for its own currency and since then it has been using foreign currency to carry on day to day traditions, mainly US dollar.  People had to buy everything from abroad right from bottle of water which lead to constant flow of money out of the country. Country’s Central banks recently ...

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