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Samsung ready to unveil Bixby-based Bluetooth earphones

Samsung has plans to come up with a new wireless earphone that will be powered by the Bixby voice assistant. This new earphone will supposedly beat Apple’s AirPods that is integrated with Siri. Samsung along with the other Korean partners plans to launch the new earphones alongside the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23, 2017. The manufacturing process of the ...

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Kodak unveils its new portable speaker

Speakers are the new technology all the music lovers are fascinated about nowadays. The need for a chic and high-tech speaker has urged a number of companies including Apple, Amazon, Kodak, and others transform such device into reality. The latest is the portable speaker developed by the Super Plastronics Private Limited (Kodak). The company Kodak has developed a speaker for ...

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A hat that can read your mind

Recently, the scientists have come up with a new device that can help read one’s mind easily and at a quicker pace. The device is a next-generation hat. The hat has the power of digitizing one’s thoughts as well. The researchers are trying to enhance the concept of telepathy in the coming years. What if telepathy becomes a reality within ...

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Android users to have new Not Hotdog app

As the name itself says, Not Hotdog is something that can obviously be related to the food items. This is actually a concept that has been derived from a show “Silicon Valley”. The HBO’s Silicon Valley had the app first released on the App Store and later has been thought about making it available for all the Android users. What’s ...

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River bubble taxi unveiled in Paris

Transportation sector is one of the most flourishing fields be anywhere on the Earth. The number of people using air, road, and water as a source of vehicular transportation mode has increased to a very high scale. Currently, looking at the reduction in the space and the increasing development in technology, there is no doubt the need for more advanced ...

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A smartwatch that can help you get thing rights

Smart watches are a fashion statement today. Along with its classy look, smartwatches also perform a number of essential tasks. The desire for more technology-based devices is what has brought the concept of smartwatches to life. People desired it and the watch manufacturers along with their researchers gave it. This latest wearable device called the “Ticwatch 2” is very trendy ...

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