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Google Nexus 5X vs Nexus 6P: Here’s the quick differences

Google wants your overwhelm you with not one, but two of its flagship devices and surprisingly named them as Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P giving away indications that they are more similar than different. At first glance, one would see the obvious likeness of the devices such as their giveaway prices, amazing cameras and their Android update and so on. ...

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Moto X Style (Pure edition) Vs Moto X 2014 – Quick Comparison

Since 2013 when Moto X line had been introduced, Moto X series have always maintained equilibrium between their various specifications as well as the user friendly Android experience for their users along with keeping their price far behind other competitors. The newest version – the Moto X Pure too has stood up to this standard. Here is an attempt to ...

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iPhone 6s Vs Moto X Pure: Battle of Kings

This September saw the release of two completely diverse smartphones –the Apple iPhone 6s and Motorola’s Moto X Pure. Although, they seem to be poles apart from one another their specifications, there are similarities too owing to the time of release. Let’s compare the specifications and features of these smartphones here.  Design and Dimensions As is expected of Apple, the iPhone 6s ...

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Moto X Pure Edition Vs. Google Nexus 6: Which One to Buy

With the launching of the Moto X Pure Edition (X Style outside the U.S.) on September 15 by Motorola, the phone is compared with the last years’ release, Google Nexus 6 which was also designed by Motorola. This comparison keeps sprouting up the differences between the designs of the same company over a period of a year and hence is ...

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