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Happy Memorial Day Greetings and Cards


The hopes of suffering people are never satisfied. Action, self-reliance, self-vision are the means by which we see the oppressed. This makes us realize the light of their freedom. Memorial Day reminds us of the great sacrifice made by men and women of army for defending our lives. Memorial Day 2016 is not only about honoring the veterans who lost ...

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Xiaomi launches its Mi Drone at Budget Price – Offers 4K videos


Xiaomi on Wednesday revealed its first drone in an event, as expected. Mi Drone is a quadcopter and Xiaomi has worked with a China based company – Flymi for the development of this drone. Mi Drone is well equipped with a camera and will be available in two different models. The affordable variant costs CNY 2499 (Rs. 26000) and can ...

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“Shivaay” Ajay Devgn’s next big movie stuck up in legal soup


With new projects and films, actor gets new applause but at times they are rounded up with whole lot of controversies. While some of the projects, are welcomed by controversies on their release, but surprisingly some of them get affected even before hitting the theatres. Such similar thing has happened, with Ajay Devgn’s upcoming movie “Shivaay”. It is one of ...

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PM Modi says he has taken maximum reforms


It has been two years since India elected Narendra Modi as a Prime Minister. Many think that it has made things good while some are still criticizing it. For those who are criticizing the Modi government, he says that what he has achieved in the country would have been difficult in the previous circumstances and governance. He also added that ...

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Microsoft cuts 1850 jobs in its smartphone unit


It is no news that Microsoft’s phone division is struggling, even after acquiring the famous Nokia two years back. This time, the company has decided to cut around 1850 jobs in its smartphone division. Recently, Nokia sold its feature phone division to tech giant Foxconn for $350 mn so it can be assumed that they are going on a downward ...

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New IIT in Goa, set to be operational in 2016-17


It was announced that a new branch of Indian Institute of Technology would be opened in Goa and be fully operational from 2016-17. The Union Defense Minister of our country, Manohar Parrikar made a tweet in this regard saying that he is very thankful to our HRD minister Smriti Irani and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for giving a nod to ...

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Shocking apology posted by Arijit Singh for Salman deleted


Shockingly our own famous Arijit Singh posted an apology on Facebook on Tuesday night to Salman Khan requesting him not to delete a song sung by him in the upcoming movie Sultan. The trailer of the upcoming film was released on Tuesday. The apology further contained that he tried to send apologies to the actor number of times over text ...

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