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Allan Leonetti

Allan Leonetti working with a Zion Market Research as a Research Analyst and Blogger.

Biotechnology Reagents Market will hit USD 94.6 Billion in 2021

Biotechnology Reagents Market

Zion Market Research has published a new report titled “Biotechnology Reagents Market by Technology (Chromatography, Electrophoresis, PCR, Mass Spectrometry, Flow Cytometry, Tissue Culture, Expression and Transfection) for DNA & RNA Analysis, Protein Purification, Drug Testing, and Gene Expression, by End-user (Biotech Companies, Pharmaceuticals, Research Institutes, Diagnostic Centers and Others): Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast, 2015 – 2021” According ...

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Global 3D Printing Gases Market growing at a CAGR of 9.75% during 2016 and 2021

3D Printing Gases Market

Zion Research has published a new report titled “3D Printing Gases Market (Argon, Nitrogen and Gas Mixture), By Technology (Stereo lithography, Laser Sintering, Poly-Jet Technology and Others), By End-user (Design & Manufacturing, Healthcare, Consumer Products, and Others): Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Segment, Trends and Forecast, 2015 – 2021”. According to the report, global demand for 3D ...

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Rainwater Harvesting System Market, 2015–2021: Key segments- land-based harvesting and roof-based harvesting.0

Rainwater Harvesting System Market

Various regions are facing water scarcity issues globally which leads to depletion of ground water level due to high amount of heat that is induced into ground. This in turn leads to drought situations. However, rainwater harvesting is an old technique and also an initiative to overcome shortage of water with the help of modern equipment in order to store ...

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Electric Vehicles Market, 2015 – 2021: Key players-Nisan, Telsa, BMW, General Motors, and Ford

Electric Vehicles Market

Mankind is progressing towards future and hence science is flourishing at its best. The electric vehicle is one of such innovations of science. These vehicles are also known as electric drive vehicles. The concept of electronic vehicles was introduced owing to increasing air pollution, decreasing fuel resources, and a need to have something new. Electronic vehicles use electric motors or ...

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Logistics Market: Rising globalization and reduction of the trade barriers are supporting the growth of market, 2015 to 2021

Logistics Market

Logistics can be defined as collaboration of different segments such as supply, material management and distribution. As per the council of logistics management logistics can be stated as process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from point of origin to point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to ...

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Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Market: Cisco Systems, Inc., General Electric Corporation, IBM Corporation & others

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Market

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is an architectured system which allows two way communications between customer & utilities through communication networks, smart meters, and data management systems. The primary function of AMI is to provide utility companies real time data related to power consumption and allow customer to make energy usage based on the price at the time of use. AMI ...

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Wind Turbine Maintenance Market, 2015 – 2021: Key Segments- North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & others

Wind Turbine Maintenance Market

Wind turbine is the device which converts kinetic energy of wind to electrical energy. It is majorly used for power generation. Small turbines are used for battery charging, traffic signals, auxiliary power for boats. Larger turbines generally used to a domestic power supply. Wind is a renewable, clean and free source of energy. Wind turbine can be use of one ...

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Global Mushroom Market Is Expected To Reach Above USD 59.48 billion in 2021

Zion Research has published a new report titled “Mushroom Market by Type (Milky Mushroom, Button, Shiitake, Oyster, Paddy Mushroom, Winter Mushrooms, Reishi Mushroom and Others), by Category (Fresh Mushroom, Dried Mushroom, Canned Mushroom, Frozen Mushroom and Others) for Food Processing Industry, Medical and Direct Consumption: Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast, 2015 – 2021” According to the report, global ...

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Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Market Will Grow At a CAGR of above 9.0% between 2016 and 2021.

Zion Research has published a new report titled “Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Market (Transport Refrigeration Equipment, Refrigerators and Freezers, Beverage Refrigerators, Parts and Others) Market for Food Service, Food and Beverage Production, Food and Beverage Distribution, Food and Beverage Retail, and Other Applications: Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast, 2015 – 2021.” According to the report, global demand for industrial refrigeration ...

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