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Business Conversations Are Now Encrypted With High End Security Features

People are more concerned about maintaining their privacy when they are on the smartphone because of the security risks like government intrusion into the day to day conversation, un-encrypted messaging and the privacy risks.

The encrypted messages and calls are becoming a crucial factor when sharing confidential information over the mobile phones. The users require encrypted message and call service to share business sensitive information and avoid unauthorized access.

Business Conversations

Digital data storage- Encryption

Encryption is the translation of the translation of the electronic data into a secret code. The secret code is called the cipher text, which can be understood only by the authorized personals. It is the most significant way to store the data on the electronic devices through the internet and other network. Only the authenticated users can decrypt the encrypted texts using a password called the secret key.

The modern encryption technique plays an important role in the protection and security assurance in the communication and information technology systems because they not only provide confidentiality, but also offer many other security elements like non-repudiation, authentication and integrity. Many organizations and companies have access to the user’s data, while some people can eavesdrop on any kind of communication.

Secure messaging apps

The organizations and businesses have to transfer messages official messages within a closed network that must be protected and secured from the hackers and cyber attackers, so they require an authenticated and secured platform to communicate efficiently. The growth in the mobile technology has allowed the users to send instant messages easily and quickly. These messaging apps are more secure than the email and the SMS; it allows the users to send private messages to their co-workers, clients and employees within a safe medium without worrying about the data.

In this secured platform the messages sent by the users are encrypted before they are sent to the recipient. The main advantage of this secured platform is that only the intended recipient can read the message and no other party can read the message even if the message is intercepted during the exchange. There are apps that even have self destructive property that deletes the message after a few seconds when it is read.

The organization and business users who are concerned about the privacy while have business conversations can use the secure messaging apps that are available in the market. Though there are several messaging apps available to the users, there are some apps that have high score on the scoreboard.


This is a free messaging app that is available for the Apple and Android users for making secured voice calls and send messages. This is the most popular app among the business users and professionals because of the secured network offered by the messaging app. The app has some unique features that set it apart from the other apps in the market; one such feature is that the users can set up an encrypted medium for the private conversations, so the business users can open a private chat with the other members of the team and discuss about their official matters.

 Unlike the other messaging apps, Signal does not require both the parties to use the application; therefore even if the recipient does not have the encrypted app they need not worry about the privacy of the messages. The app works with the normal SMS text and picture messages by adding an additional layer of security in the platform.  The application syncs with the user’s address and allows them to instantly send texts, images and videos.


The messages in this app are secured by the encryption only when the users activate the secret chat mode. The Telegram app is assumed to be a secured and safe app that is faster and cloud based application medium. The unique feature of this app is, it is not saved in saved in anywhere on the server and it has a hacking bounty.

The users can share messages and media files, up to two hundred people at the same time and the users can activate the secret mode that allows them to hold private and secured conversations that are not saved on the server. The Telegram messaging app is available for free in the Android and Apple users; they are even available on the Windows phone and desktop computers, but not officially.

Silent Phone

This is a secured messaging service that encrypts the messages, voice calls and videos in the platform. The messages and videos sent through this application can be read only by the intended recipient and is deleted once when the message is read. The file transfers are allowed in a secured format and the encryption key is held only the subscribers, so the data sent by the users cannot even be accessed by the company. This messaging application is available for the Android and iOs users for free.


This is an encrypted messaging platform that stores the messages and media files securely in the platform and adds many other features to conceal the number and identity of the user. The app also has many other features like hiding the contacts and apps on the device, a private vault to store docs, photos, passwords and many other things. The users of this application can communicate with the non-users of this app by purchasing a private plan, but only the messages and calls with other will be encrypted.

The app is available for free for the iOs users and the Android users, however they have premium plans which are paid services and they also have the VoIP plans with an extra charge.


The Gliph messaging service has new features that attract the users to use it. The app has description about all the security terms that are covered by the messaging software. Some of the unique features of the app are, email cloaking service, unique group chat interface, access to Bitcoin and more. The users of the app can communicate within a dedicated interface that is secured from the other users. This is mainly assumed as a tool to secure the users identity and maintain their privacy in the public forum like initiating a discussion, Craigslist ads or online posting.

This messaging app is free for the main clients, iOs, Android and desktop users.


This messaging app allows the users to fix an expiration date for the messages that they send through this platform. The app acts as a client for the users who wish their messages to disappear after sometime, even from the recipient side. The users can fix the time limit for the text or picture message to disappear. The users using this messaging app can even send messages that are stored in the Google Drive Store, Dropbox and from devices; they can also send PDF messages, audios and video files.

The users can customize the experience on how they wish others to identify them, and the users can create a private group chat with ten people. The Wickr app is available for the Android and Apple users for free.

Best messaging app with encryption technology

People might be confused over choosing the best app that is required from them so that they might have a secured conversation. The purpose and demand of a secured app depend on the need of the user, because each of the messaging apps that are available in the market has its own security features. The feature that is available in one app might not be available in the other.

Each user requires a level of security and privacy in their conversation and for different purposes, so when choosing the instant messaging app they have to look for the app that satisfies their needs.

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