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Market Research of Sulfur Dioxide Industry in China 2018-2022

For recent years, China has carries out a serious of environment protection policies in industry. Liquid sulfur dioxide, as a sulfur product, has been influenced, showing a falling trend. In 2015, the output of liquid sulfur dioxide was about 151 thousand tonnes, falling 50% compared to the output in 2011. During the 13th five year, there is planned to conduct transferring and upgrading in liquid sulfur dioxide companies. The output in 2020 is predicted to reach about 170 thousand tonnes.

The downstream of sulfur acid includes phosphatic compound fertilizer, titanium pigment, chemical fiber, metal, light industry, etc., which have close relationship with national economy. As national economy developed rapidly for the last ten years, sulfur acid increased fast. Up to the end of 2015, the capacity of sulfur acid in China was about 130 million tonnes. However, with national economy slowing down, sulfur acid steps into a hard phase.

At present, the supply has developed over the demand of low-end sulfur products. A few high-end sulfur acid products need to be imported from other countries. Production of high-end sulfur acid will be one of directions for the development of sulfur acid industry in China.

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