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Use of Virtual Private Network

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network!!! Are you familiar with this term? Do you have any idea as to why people use VPN? VPN creates a virtual network between two networks that are separated physically. This can be done with the use of software as well as hardware (sometimes).

Use of Virtual Private Network

For instance, VPN enables an ABC Company employee to work from home in a California while having access to the intranet of the company located in Australia, as if he was actually present in Australia office’s network. The same technique can be utilized by consumers to overpass their laptops and phones to their network at home, while outside their home, so that they can access files with security from their own PCs.

VPNs have other applications as well. As VPNs encrypt your connection, they enable the users to avoid others from intercepting the data they are transmitting. This keeps information secured, especially on public Wi-Fi networks in places such as airports and coffee shops, making sure no one can peak in your traffic and get your credit card numbers or passwords.

Since VPNs drive your traffic via other network, you can also make it the other way round. You can make it appear as if it coming from different location. For instance, if you are in New York, you can make appear that your traffic is originating from Sydney. This is helpful for particular sites that block data based on your position such as Netflix. It also enables some people to cope with high taxes of import on software that see them pay more than other users in different places.

In a nutshell, VPN is helpful anywhere if you want to conceal your traffic from people on your ISP, your local network, or your government, and it’s also helpful to trick others into thinking you are right next door when you are far away across the ocean.

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